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Cool Radio Recorder - Record web radio and watch internet TV or Schedule a Recording! Home Photo Calendar™ - Create and Print fantastic Photo Calendars using your own photos. 
							Home Photo Calendar was chosen by visitors of and was selected as an editorial pick.
Multi Desktop - 4 Virtual Desktop with different wallpapers. Experience how uncredible fast you can switch to another set of programs! Good Night PC - Shutdown or hypernate your PC. Run maintenance software (virus scan, defragt etc.) + Boss Key! (Hide ALL Windows Fast)

Home Photo Calendar™ won a fine Editors Pick Award 2010. Click here to see example calendars in english and islamic format, german calendar, french calendar, danish and spanish calendar.

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Home Photo Calendar™

Photo Calendar Maker

Create and Print out fantastic Photo Calendars. Use your Own pictures from hollidays and special events!

Make money creating and selling your own calendar designs and printouts!

Home Photo Calendar
Try it now for Free! Make great gifts for Family and Friends!

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Update to the Full Version. Create and print you own Family Photo Calendars, Household Calendars, Workshop Wall Calendars and School and Office Picture Calendars.

Download a Free 2009 Calendar or a Cool Freeware Pacman Game. Read more.. .

Free 2009 Calendars in english and islamic format, german calendar, french calendar, danish and spanish calendar. Free calendars.. Click here

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GoodNight PC Shutdown

Put your pc to sleep easy


Keep you PC running perfectly and save money on your power bill. Run maintenance and spyware removal during shutdown or before hibernation

Help the environment with the best and simplest tool for shutting down your computer and save yourself some money! Now, it has become even stronger with some unique features like a boss key to quickly hide all windows and the ability to execute virus scanners, spyware removal or any other task you want to run before closing down your computer.

Good Night PC
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news Digi PacMan has been tested to install, uninstall and run perfectly on windows vista and windows 7! Download a free windows vista or windows 7 Pacman Game. Read more.. .

news Home Photo Calendar - Awarded Calendar Maker tool from DracullSoft! Read more...

news DigiApp is proud to announce DxIce™ Game Engine. Visit DxIce™ Game Engine - Imagine it! - Code it! - Enjoy it!. DxIce™ is a free 2D/2.5D/IsoMetric game engine for rapid games development created by DracullSoft Games™

news Video Desktop Dream Scape is the new big brother of MultiDesktop. Includes all the valuable features from MultiDesktop as well as 6 Desktops and the ability to display either wallpaper background images or Live fullscreen video as wallpaper! Read more about videos on many desktops.

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Cool Radio Recorder

Internet Radio direct to mp3


Take your favorite radio to your mobile mp3 player or iPod or store the coolest songs on your computer and be the best DJ ever at the next party!

Record rare music and talkshows from underground or alternative stations or just tune into your favorite internet radio and listen.

Cool Radio Recorder is easy to use and records directly into mp3 format with NO extra software. Radio broadcast is captured and stored directly to your harddrive using only a fragment of memory. Ready to upload to your mobile mp3 player or iPod! You can also trim and cut recorded MP3 files for use on cell phones as ring tones and watch online TV - sport, music, cartoon, fashion, even adult channels!

Free Radio Recording the Cool way!
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Office Hero™ - Recover Access Passwords



Office Hero™ - Recover Access Passwords uses advanced detections methods to recover lost passwords for microsoft access database files. You only need to select a database file and click Recover! Nothing could be easier!

Office Hero RAP 3
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Run on: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista!

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