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Download any sequences of videos, movie clips, pictures or any document or file.

Easy download configuration. For example you could specify a sequence like, where #1# could be folder 01 to 20 and #2# could be jpg pictures from 149 to 199 making ClipFetcher download all 50*20 = 1000 pictures in automatically!

Detailed examples included in the helpfile: View Helpfile (PDF)

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Run on: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista!

Download for Free! View Helpfile (PDF)

Feature Highlights

Fast Downloading
Compact, Flexible and Efficient!

  • Simple User Interface!
  • Download any sequence or single file of any type!
  • Picture Sequences - jpg, png, gif, tiff - any format is supported!
  • Movie or Videos - wmv, mpg, avi, qt, gp3 - again any format!
  • Documents sequences - pdf, xml, doc, xls - any format!
  • Music file sequences - podcast, mp3, ogg, wav, wmv - any format!
  • Support for command line execution including multiple downloads and post processings!
  • Start downloads automatically with or without post processing!
  • Automatic handling of missing files! - Avoid time consuming redirections!
  • Join clips, thumbnail or watermark images using any software utility!
  • Up to 9 concurrent downloads with individual progress!
  • Save and Load full configuration in a single config file!
  • Run ClipFetcher using configuration file or load another configuration!
  • Edit Screen for long urls or advanced post processing command lines!
  • In Grid editting for easy selection and changes!
  • Run Many Instances of ClipFetcher each with it's own config file! Massive concurrent Downloading!