Multi Desktop

Switch between Desktop for better overview

4 Fast Virtual Desktops, Hide windows fast and a bonus screen grab tool!

Be more productive and get better overview when you are working with many applications. Switch fast between different desktops using the MultiDesktop Pad or Hot Keys. The Clipboard is shared between the desktops to make it easy to copy and paste.

MultiDesktop also includes a handy Screen grab tool that has a zoomable preview window for pixel perfect screenshots!

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Multi Desktop makes you more efficient when dealing with multiple programs
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Download size: less then 1 MB
Run on: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista!

If you need 6 desktops and want to play video as your wallpaper take a look at the cool Video Desktop Dream Scape

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MultiDesktop Features

Fast Desktop Switching
Compact, Flexible and Simply Cool!

  • Beautiful and Simple User Interface you will love!
  • Switch fast between different desktops.
  • All running programs will be restored to the primary desktop if you close MultiDesktop.
  • MultiDesktop will minimize to the systray for each access.
  • MultiDesktop is small and efficient and will not slow your PC down.
  • Switch desktops via the popup menu when MultiDesktop is minimized in the systray.
  • Clipboard is shared between the desktops to make it easy to copy and paste.
  • Configure hot keys for switching between the desktops.
  • Powerful Snapshot Tool with zoom window for pixel perfect snap shots!
  • The snapshots are stored on the shared Clipboard for easy paste into any application!
  • Configure Screen shots to save automatically to a folder of your choice!
  • Save snapshots to file in both Bitmap (bmp) and Jpeg (jpg) with automatic filenaming!
  • Specify the Jpeg Quality for the snap shots!
  • Keep desktop icons and links shared on all desktops!
  • Each Desktop can have it's own desktop links and programs and can have it's own wallpaper which make it fast to identify the workspace.
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What customers say


- Thomas Scneider, News reporter - Computer, Germany.
"Das Programm bietet auch einen Austausch von Daten zwischen den Desktops ?er die Windows-Zwischenablage. Klein aber sehr hilfreiche Program und einen Weg, mehr Platz auf dem Desktop zu schaffen."
(The program also offers an exchange of data between the desktop via the Windows clipboard. Small but very useful program and a way more space on the desktop.)

- Brian Searne, Multi Desktop Customer.
"Most excellent! Thanks again for a great product! - Brian"

- Cliff, Tried Multi Desktop but decided to go for Video Desktop.
"I am pleasantly surprised by your rapid response. Thank You."