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Good Night PC is a pc tool which makes it easy to shutdown and effectively cleanup your pc. GoodNightPc has received many top-rated awards from some of the best download sites in the world

Good Night PC helps you save Power, giving a hand to the environment and save money on your electrical bill!

The best and simplest tool for shutting down or putting your computer to sleep. And now it has become even stronger with some unique features like a boss key to quickly hide all windows and the ability to execute virus scanners, spyware removal or any other task you want to run before closing down your computer.

Good Night PC
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Download size: less then 0.7 MB
Run on: Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista and windows 7

For more details take a look at the feature highlights below or click on the link below to read the pdf helpfile.

Download Pc Shutdown |Good Night PC help file (pdf) | Vista Screenshot

Feature Highlights

Efficient and Amazing!
Compact, Flexible and Simply Cool!

  • Automatic shutdown, hibernate, restart, suspend or lock your PC.
  • Configure execution time relative or absolute.
  • Configure applications to be Forced to close.
  • Good Night PC will minimize to the systray for easy access.
  • Good Night PC is small and efficient and will not slow your PC down.
  • Configure Good Night PC to blink the systray icon for a time before executing the action.
  • Automatic start when windows boots.
  • Log file for maintenance tools execution.
  • Beautiful and Simple User Interface you will love!
  • Improved notification via Systray balloon tips
  • New Advanced options dialog
  • Added Prompt dialog giving the user the option to Execute or Cancel before performing the action and so offers the users to delay the decision by using a snooz option to be reminded again some minutes later
  • Configuration is now persisted ( automatically saved and loaded the next time Good Night PC is started)
  • Added hotkey support for boss key to hide/show windows and quick executing the actions
  • boss key can also be used just for fast hide of all windows to prevent someone from looking over your shoulder!
  • Alternative boss key for a secondary option like hibernate, suspend or hide windows!
  • Added support for customized tasks will run before performing the action.
  • Ability to lock the computer while running the customized tasks.
  • Default examples for tasks including: CCleaner, Ad-Aware, SpyBot S&D, Defrag, Disk Cleaner
  • Help file PDF
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What customers say


- Ken Fleyrives, GoodNightPC Customer.
"Here's what I love most about my Good Night PC. It replaces the windows shutdown button 200%. The way I set it up GN PC clean up all temporary files by calling some of my other favorite tools. Sweet!"

- Maggie Blanco, GoodNight PC Customer.
"Very nice piece of software. Will quickly earn itself back. I never had 'Green software' before.. feels right - cheers M"

- Jim Levnor, Good Night PC Customer.
"I especially like the feature that will run the tasks and then shut down. I have tried the Windows Task Scheduler but it doesn't offer as much as your program. Thanks"